Making of TGD – Rescued

Preparing for live recordind of new album. Few words about place, technology and troubles during preparations, over 30 musicians onstage, 70 audio channels in PA and 76 in recording. DiGiCo D5 consoles at FOH and monitor, remote PC-based recording over MADI.


Symphonic Carols
Et In Terra Choir, Sinfonia Baltica, Natalia Niemen, Monika Zytke – Gaudete

This concert was in Decxember 2011 at New Theatre in Slupsk (Poland). Program contained several traditional and modern carols. All songs are arranged and conducted by Monika Zytke. FOH sound and multitrack recordings was my part of this venue 🙂 Soundtrack for this movie is remixed from this recording. Video featured by Wiesiek Bialecki.


Symphonic Gospel
Et In Terra Choir, Sinfonia Baltica, Junior Robinson, Monika Zytke – sampler